Why Pro Athletes are Trying ‘Mindfulness Training,’ and Why You Should Too

Baseball MinfulnessA big article in June 3, 2015 USA Today says, “Mental Coaches Are Next Step in Conditioning as Baseball Teams Try to Tap Into Players’ Heads”. If professional sports is focused on this mushrooming practice, why not us parents? Read this quote and notice the similarity to what many, including us, have been promoting – “New York Mets rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki said his organization’s psychologist taught him to use a deep breath as a reset button, a trigger to stay in control of the moment. “You can get kind of amped up, and breathing, as corny as it sounds, can really slow things down for you… It’s helped me out. Whenever I feel things speeding up, I just take a deep breath and refocus.” Corny? We don’t think so Kevin.

Way back in 2014 the application of mindfulness was in high gear on Pro sports. High performance psychologist Michael Gervais, who works with the Seahawks and with other teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL, defines mindfulness as “the practice of being present4 Pillars text … a way of being connected to the present moment without judgment.” He also describes it as an “awareness of how I’m doing within myself, how I’m engaging in my environment and the interplay of the two.”

The mental benefits one can realize over time “can be life altering,” Gervais says. "With practice, mindfulness provides a clarity of your own thoughts and a training ground to be able to guide your mind, as well as access incredible, truthful insights.” For more on this discussion click here.

Mindfulness is one of the Four Pillars of Post Parenting.
Parents – Breathe, love will enter. Peace will follow. Repeat as needed

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