Why Kids Lie and What You Can Do to Stop It Now! by Bryan Post

Why Kids Lie and What You Can Do to Stop It Now! A book for all parents, so simple and powerful, that it is GUARANTEED to end your frustration over your child’s negative behavior. Length 23 pages.
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Many childhood behaviors are frustrating to parents, but few are as challenging as lying. Lying is something that most parents say they “just will not tolerate”. However, it is also such a universally common problem that it is rare to find a parent who has not had lying take place in their home, in some form or another. Whether it is omitting the truth, evading the truth, not telling the whole truth, or a blatant lie; this issue becomes the “pet peeve” of many parents.

Would you be surprised to find out that there is a simple formula guaranteed to end your battle with lying? This formula will be outlined in a later chapter, but first we will visit three stories of children who were dishonest with their parents, all in different ways and for different reasons; but all just as unnerving to their parents. Pay close attention as we watch these parents learn a new formula for eliminating the underlying cause, thus resolving their issue with lying.

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