What Do Sex Trafficking and Foster Care Have in Common?

Answer: Foster Kids

Who would have thought? Chris Chmielewski founder of the new kid on the block Foster Focus magazine did, and this is what he found:
Sex trafficking is a universal problem. The sex trade industry is the third largest criminal industry, following closely behind the drug trade and almost tying second place with illegal arms trade. It is a 7-10 billion dollar industry in the United States. The United Nations has a record of 168 countries across the planet that engages in commercial sex trade of children. These countries are organized into four “tiers” with the United States among the Tier 1 group i.e., meets minimum standards for combating trafficking) with laws enacted since 2000 to protect our children.

Here, the numbers speak for themselves – 80% of young people in the business of human trafficking were once in foster care; over 1.7 million children are engaged in the human sex trade in the United States. Aging out the system, runaways, throwaways, histories of sexual abuse and abandonment are just a few of the causes that lead to later sex trafficking. The bottom line? Foster children are the most vulnerable children around the world and pimps are readily available and waiting to provide them with food, shelter, money – and exploitation. The cycle of terror, subjugation, and victimization then begins.

When we say that parents hold the future of the world in their hands-literally, we mean it. We can just keep going the same old parenting ways we have taken for centuries, or we change our minds and our hearts and shift to a new parenting paradigm. If we don't, it will be more of the same (see above).

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Always Choose Love. Always. -- B.

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."
-- Master Yoda The Empire Strikes Back: Episode V

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