Thoughts for the New Year | Understanding Challenging Behaviors

The only time we see things as abnormal is when they stand outside of our own perceptual understanding. Remember this when reacting to your child's behaviors.New Year 2013
Thank you for you interest in the work of Bryan Post and the Post Institute. Because of you, there is a chance for a better world, a better future. All because you choose to love more.

We hope that you find great value in this information over the coming year, for bringing love, peace and harmony back into your family so that your child can once again be a source of joy rather than irritation, anger or worse. RAD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers, PTSD and other diagnoses all spell the same thing for you and your child - stress. Understanding Bryan Post's Stress Model approach to challenging behaviors may be the answer to your prayers.

The really good news is that your child doesn't need to change for you to have peace and harmony in your family. These come as a result of the understanding, patience and love that parents can bring to the relationship. The even better good news is that the more understanding, patience and love that parents provide for their children, the faster children will heal and the quicker their behaviors will change. Neuroplasticity in the brain is highly resilient in younger people and works more quickly. Parents who replace dominance, fear and authority with love, influence and relationship find that things can change very quickly and immediate results can be seen. Long term healing requires a change in parenting approach and may need years to overcome the trauma that your child may have experienced. Always remember that without relationship, you have nothing. The relationship is everything.
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Peace on Earth symbol Want to see peace on earth? So do we. You hold the future of the world in your hands - your child. Broken dreams can come true. But they do need help. That is why we are here, and why we do what we do. Parents around the world have been using and applying the principles of love based family centered parenting. If you have not started on this journey of hope and healing, we invite you to try out this life changing approach. Although simple to learn, you may find it easier than it looks to apply it successfully. There is hope. There is help. Breathe, love will enter. Peace will follow.

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