The Art of Curiosity by Sherrie Boles-Rogers

Sherrie Boles-Rogers, author and creator of the website The Parenting Heart, posted a 'to the point' article recently that spoke directly to our parents.

Do you yell?  Do you put her in time-out?  Do you lecture, threaten, punish?  All of the above?  Do you casually push your cart past

Sherrie Boles-Rogers

Sherrie Boles-Rogers

the melt-down in the cereal aisle pretending you don't know the small creature writhing about?Trust me, I know how difficult it is to keep yourself together when you child is "misbehaving" or "losing it."  Not too long ago, it wasn't uncommon, while Krogering, for the manager to open a special check-out line just for me in order to expedite getting me and my screaming banshee out of there!

But what I have found over the years is that the strategies listed above have several unintended results. Namely, (a) they tend to exacerbate the problem instead of solve it (especially with a strong-willed child), (b) they don't help the child think about what they've done...or why...or how they might solve the problem differently next time, and (c) they don't help parents feel competent and effective".

Instead, she suggests, is to "develop the art of curiosity:  What's the Feeling (WTF)?  What's the Need (WTN)? Developing honest curiosity about your child's emotional life leads to greater understanding and a stronger connection." For more of Sherrie's parenting wisdom visit her blog.

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