Teen Agers Still Spitting?

Someone asked about teens spitting, and I thought it would be good to share this when viewing all behaviors - Why do teens spit? Because they are no different in that moment than a two or three year old who has learned to spit as a defensive measure. If you've noticed the time they are most likely to spit is during times of peaked stress and dysregulation. No different in this manner than many animals in the animal kingdom that spit to ward off a threat.

The teen years don't have to be that tough and certainly not anything you need to fear. But because of the way we were raised we will be challenged to do something different. It all comes back to understanding, for action without understanding will only lead us back to confusion.

When I was a teen, I needed someone, anybody to pay attention to me emotionally, to be present and engaging. I needed my dad to tell me that he was proud of me. That he was impressed by my independent work ethic and drive. And that he looked forward to seeing me successful. I needed my mother to be affectionate, supportive, and nurturing and I also needed her to hug me and tell me how proud she was of me; to ask about what I was thinking, focusing on and where I was headed. Not in a judgmental way but in love and curiosity. It is all about the relationship and not about judgement.

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