Peace or Stress? Mindfulness Tips for the Holidays #4 – Do You Hear What I hear?

Do You Hear What I Hear? Tom Keith died recently. Most of us never heard his name, but if you ever listened to Prairie Home Companion on NPR, you heard the myriad of sound effects that this man came up using just his own voice. A friend of mine told me that Mr. Keith once said, "I don't know why anyone would want to listen to earphones with so many sounds in the world to hear". The moment Dorothy told me that quote, a whole world of sound appeared before my very ears, of which moments ago I was oblivious to. I said to my wife, "all of a sudden I hear all these sounds...". She echoed the same feelings and said, "suddenly I heard those people laughing and singing whereas I didn't even know they were there a minute ago".

Listen - there are always sounds around you no matter where you are, but most of the time you filter them out. Pause and tune in. Hear all the sounds of your world. Listen closely for the background hum that is the ground of everything.." -- Frederick Burggraf, The Mindfulness Wheel

The steps that Mr. Burggraf offers in his approach can be used daily with a different focus for living in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness through listening, we not only begin to hear what is around us and intended for us, but it also puts us in touch with those "unheard" messages that we often miss. These could be anything from our own "inner voice", our intuition or even Divine counsel.  Even being mindful of no-sounds can reveal things previously invisible to us. We may begin to not only hear our children's voice, but maybe even their real needs and desires unfiltered by our own thinking, desires and projections. Wouldn't that be interesting...

Frederick Burggraf created a wonderful little tool called The Mindfulness Wheel ( We will be sharing some of his quick and easy lessons along with other mindfulness  tips over the Holiday Season to help us all stay regulated, calmer, patient and more loving with our special children. Use them; let us know how they work and what you learn from them.

Choose to Listen.

-- David Durovy
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