Peace or Stress? Mindfulness Tips for the Holidays #3 – Smile and the Whole World Smiles

Smile and the whole world smiles at you. We've heard it many times. We may have even grown up with it. We have heard things like “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile” or other life-isms about smiling. When I used to train telephone customer service people, I would put a mirror on their desk so they could tell if they were not smiling. I know that you can tell, when on the phone, if the person you are talking to is smiling. It is infectious, warm,  friendly and inviting. And it can be another doorway to mindfulness. Try smiling at your child the next time a negative behaviors occurs. Be mindful of any internal changes that you experience. Remember, smiling doesn't mean you are "not serious". It can mean "I love you no matter what". And isn't that our goal?

Smile – Even if you’re not in a happy mood, force yourself to smile. This simple act will relax you and brighten the lens through which you see the world. Smile at yourself and smile at others. Smile at knowing that you are here in the present with all the gifts it provides." -- Frederick Burggraf, The Mindfulness Wheel

Frederick Burggraf created a wonderful little tool called The Mindfulness Wheel ( We will be sharing some of his quick and easy lessons over the next couple of days. Use them; let us know how they work and what you learn from them.

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Choose to Smile.

-- David D

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