Peace or Stress? Mindfulness Tips for the Holidays #2 – You Must Be Present to Win.

You must be present to win. Not coming, not going, just being. Consider that where you are right now is where you are going. Always and forever. Nowhere to get to, nothing to do. There is only to be. There are a number of mindfulness (the non-judge-mental awareness of allowing "what is") exercises that are helpful in regulating ourselves so we can help regulate others - our kids. Besides, it just feels better. Frederick Burggraf created a wonderful little tool called The Mindfulness Wheel ( We will be sharing some of his quick and easy lessons over the next couple of days. Use them, let us know how they work and what you learn from them.

Arrive - No matter where you are or what you're doing, you can arrive. See yourself exactly where you are. If you're standing, feel the floor or ground beneath your feet. If you're sitting, feel the chair under your backside and legs; feel the clothes on your body. As you move, feel your movements. --  Frederick Burggraf, The Mindfulness Wheel

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Choose to Arrive.

-- David D

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