Peace or Stress? Mindfulness Tips for the Holidays #1 – I’d rather be here now

I'd rather be here now. There are a number of mindfulness (the non-judge-mental awareness of allowing "what is") exercises that are helpful in regulating ourselves so we can help regulate others - our kids. Besides, it just feels better. Frederick Burggraf created a wonderful little program called The Mindfulness Wheel ( We will be sharing some of his quick and easy lessons over the next couple of days. Use them, let us know how they work and what you learn from them.

Breathe - Stop now.. and then, and take a few deep breaths. Follow your in-breath and follow your out-breath. As you breathe in, relax your body. As you breathe out, empty your mind. Stay with your breath and ride it like the tide of the present moment. Frederick Burggraf, The Mindfulness Wheel

Choose to Breathe

-- David
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