Parenting Toolbox 18: Special Interviews in June; How to Handle Stress Mindfulness Video

Click here to view Parenting Toolbox 18 Tonight starts special Interviews & How to handle stress

Bryan Post will be appearing on three internet interview shows stating tonight Tuesday June 12 at 9 pm and the last on June 26th. We apologize for the delay in getting this info to you. Even if you miss the live interviews, by signing up FREE you can get the recordings FREE for a limited time. See each description for time/date specifics. There are many additional presenters in each series which you may also enjoy. We cannot vouch for everyone as we don't know them all, but some we love like Dr. Marcy Axness (author Parenting for Peace), Bruce Lipton and others. You may find a wealth of valuable information all FREE just for signing up.

Also, How Can Mindfulness Help with Stress Management? And Do Parents Need This? Heavens Yes! We have been searching for a good source for Mindfulness training that any person regardless of religious belief, or lack thereof, can benefit from. Although mindfulness and meditation practices have been on this planet for thousands of years, most of us know very little, and even fewer practice it. Although it can be used to enhance one's prayer life, it can also enhance one's parenting life - and life in general. We have found a group in the UK ( that offers bite sized training and does so in a clear, simple and straight forward manner that anyone can use. No trips to the mountain top are required and can be done in the comfort of wherever you are - home, car, office or even in the midst of screaming and fighting with your kids. Their instruction is based on scientific research and their animations describing the process are entertaining and enlightening, making this quasi-mystical practice available to all. They have a free 10 training which takes only 10 minutes a day.

Have a Calm & Peaceful Week.

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