Parent: Heal Thyself

We have had some questions about "how to give proper attention to self" so to eliminate the drama of trying to get it from others. (See Facebook post Jan 12 2015).

Drama is what happens when I attempt to get the attention I need from others that I am unable to give to myself. Drama is what happens when my child tries to get the attention they need from others when they are unable to give it to themselves. How could we respond to this? How do you?

Here is a general response, but I will also try to share more specific articles soon that will offer more help:

  • We have a few articles on our free article page that can help, and this email is also a good start - ,
  • The essential message here is just like flying an airplane - put your oxygen mask on first so that you can be there - full strength, full vigor and vitality, to help your child. This
    I'm afraid you have what is known as "children"

    I'm afraid you have what is known as "children"

    will enable you to do the BEST job in parenting, and model a behavior to your child which encourages them to take really good care of themselves.

  • Elements of self care include: Oxytocin, Rest, Nutrition, Exercise or movement, entertainment, being/receiving affectionate kisses, hugs (good long ones are ideal, touching (all help build oxytocin) and making sure your family relationships reflect the values that you want your children to embody. You are your child's most precious possession of sorts. Keep it in great shape! Put yourself at the top of your priority list. Does this help?

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