Paradigm Shift by Bryan Post

A Paradigm Shift
"A paradigm shift is the way in which you see the world. The lens through which you view all people and things. It is greatly reinforced by the dominant society. In order to change your paradigm you must be willing to challenge your old beliefs. You must ask questions rather than taking for face value what has been said because many others have said it. You must question in order to challenge your belief system, in order to lead to a change in your thinking, and then in your behavior. When this occurs then you will be changing your paradigm.

Why is this so important? Because the way in which we parent stems from our paradigm. It is dominated by traditional thought at every level, engrained into our unconscious, our psyche, essentially defining who we are and how we relate. Go to a grocery store and ask your child to yell at you. Some of you may not have to ask! And then rather than smacking his face, shaming him, or yelling back, stop and breathe. Calm your inner self and observe those around you, feel their energy. You will be shocked by the negativity that is generated from the traditional paradigm. The people around you don't know you yet they will judge you harshly. This intensity of negativity permeates our society and our relationships. There is no love here. As Gandhi said, "we must become the change we want to see".

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Want The Best for Your Family and Your Hurting Child? "My wife and I have adopted 4 kids out of the Foster Care system. We had 27 foster children. I can only say that I wish we would have known then what we know now. Bryan Post offers the only help for kids like these that offers hope, help and step-by-step guidance. Without Bryan Post we would never have come through.”  -- David & Susan, VA.
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By learning to calm the stress and diminishing the behavior, you will find peace, love and harmony where before there was only fighting and anger. You will never know unless you try this, but you might always wonder.
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  • www.postinnercircle.comWhere desperate parents come for solutions and support. You Are Not Alone. If there were a way to personally interact with Bryan Post on a regular basis, would you be interested? If there were a community of other parents and professionals who wanted peace and harmony in their families as much as you, and you could learn from them, would you be interested in joining them?

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