Our Lil’ Bitty 40 Bit Parenting Processor – Lessons in Mindfulness

Lessons in Mindfulness  Our Lil Bitty 40 Bit Parenting Processor

Why is mindfulness so important? Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist and an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit, author of Biology of Belief, The Wisdom of Your Cells, and Co-author with Steve Bhaerman of  the latest book Spontaneous Evolution. In this latest book they offer this information on what we parents (and all other humans) are up against. While discussing the mind/brain activities involved with the subconscious (genetic and past programming, parental blueprints hotbed) and self-conscious (mindfulness realm), it is interesting to note that the data-processing capacity of the subconscious has been estimated to utilize a large amount of brain mass for interpreting and responding to over 40 million nerve impulses per second. The self-conscious mind/brain prefrontal cortex activities occurs at the blazing (or not so blazing) rate of 40 (that is one zero) nerve impulses per second. They conclude that as an information processor, the subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the self-conscious mind –with a marginal aptitude for creativity, best compared to that of a precocious five-year-old. Wow! These are the tools in your parenting/human toolbox.

Look at it this way – you have a one million times bigger tool for handling/processing your “emotional” reactions than for choosing your “regulated responses” If this seems staggering to you as an adult (and it should), think of your child dealing with a similar set of tools but without all the experience, wisdom and development that adults have hopefully acquired to self correct.  And we adults still have trouble staying regulated!Bad Behavior Cartoon

To make matters worse – your parenting blueprints downloaded from years of learning from your parents, their parents and the rest of the cultural traditions of parenting dating back to antiquity are all part of this subconscious lightening fast processing unit which overrides our “best intention to change”. Mindfulness is an important tool for overcoming this disadvantage and gives us a doorway for the new love based parenting paradigm. Interested? Of course you are…

You have permission to copy this and circulate to as many people as you think can benefit. Help to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward all.

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