Holiday Gifting: 10 Ways to Reduce Stress by Bryan Post



The holiday season is full steam upon us and unfortunately what is to be the most joyous and celebratory season of the year is oftentimes the most stressful, painful and chaotic.  I had the divine pleasure of interviewing Myla Kabat-Zinn, co-author of Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting back some time ago.  Every sentence she spoke, each phrase and response was full of loving mindfulness and intention. Myla gave openly what she has to all of us listening on the call in such a way that I believe it left us all wanting more. At least I know it did me. A simple gift of her time and effort, given with love, passion, and mindfulness, blessed me that evening. It cost nothing and was worth everything. This holiday (Holy-Day) season want to give you something. I want to give you permission that perhaps you have never been granted. These permissions are for your taking or leaving, give them thought and decide what you would like to do:

  1. I give you permission to remember that it is not what is under the tree, but who is around the tree. And if no tree, then just plain who is more important than what.
  2. I give you permission to love yourself. To take time for a walk, sit quietly, read a book, or call up an old friend to chat. Taking care of yourself first and foremost will give you the necessary emotional energy and space for caring for others.
  3. I give you permission to love your child. To not be overwhelmed, scared and worried about their behaviors for fear of how they will turn out 3, 4, 5, or 10 years from now. Love them today, in this moment. Let tomorrow worry for itself. Our friend Kathy Whitham says it nicely - "Talk less, breathe more".
  4. I give you permission to move quickly but mindfully and always able to stop and breathe in the cool fresh air when the moment strikes you.
  5. I give you permission not to buy anyone a single gift, but to rather gift them with your full, undivided, presence for one full hour, or day, whatever you can manage.
  6. I give you permission not to feel guilty for not buying gifts for others. Your presence is the most value gift you truly have to offer because it is your time. Time is nothing we can replenish. Each passing moment is a moment lost. If you have a hard time remembering this…
  7. Then I give you permission to give your time, thank God you have many moments left, to someone in a hospital or nursing home, who does not.
  8. I give you permission to be light and happy, unburdened by the stress of bills and work. Whether you are able to pay, able to work or not, tomorrow is still gonna come and no amount of stress today is gonna make you any more or less capable of paying that bill or getting that work done.
  9. I give you permission to set your fear aside, if even for only moments at a time, and let love guide you, fill you, and overwhelm you. Say, “I love you,” from the absolute depths of your heart.
  10. I give you permission to right a wrong, even if you were not the one who caused the wrong. We all have the ability to be reactive or responsive. There is so much more light within the individual who seeks to take ultimate responsibility. Love wins.

From our POST family to yours, we wish you a peace and joy filled holiday season when giving your heart is the highest form of giving and loving.

Choose Love,


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  1. Permission to love our kids – beautiful… A client of mine said, “we love our kids, we should be able to love them”

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