Mindfulness can Kill a Thought – In a Good Way

Alice G. Walton, Contributor to Forbes Magazine, writes about her experience with Mindfulness, and a Neuroscientist's work in this meaningful yet often mystical practice.
Neuroscientist and mindfulness expert, Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, has done some beautiful work in his lab at Yale on the neural (and behavioral) changes that come from mindfulness practice. Not only does he study it, he’s lived it: He knows firsthand both how challenging it can be to bring attention away from the negative chatter, and, fairly recently, how rewarding it can be when it does work. As I and many others have found, it’s not a magic switch that you can flip to free your brain. It takes some practice, and Brewer recommends building that muscle intentionally – not when you’re in the midst of the stress, but when you’re slightly outside it.

In other words, practice before you are in the middle of a battle with your kids. Or not, as the case maybe - since applying it may be the only way both you and your child can win (i.e. maintain the relationship)! Parenting is hard enough when your kids have all the wiring they need, but when you are loving kids with trauma histories, adopted or in foster care - not to mention multiple diagnosis, you MUST have some extra help (or superpowers which most of us lack)  To read Alice G. Walton's Forbes article click here.

Always Choose Love and Always B Mindful - B

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