Make ’em, Break ’em or Love ’em

When you can create regulation within yourself in the midst of your child’s dysregulation, you become the true essence of a parent — a positive influence on the growth and development of your child. This is true parenting - influencing your child and allowing their own development to proceed as God intended. It is not our job to make or force our child - but to nurture who they are and who they choose to be. When parents are calm and loving, wonderful things can take place with less effort, less work, less disappointment and just, well… less. whew! More time for play, for enjoyment and for love. It doesn’t get any better than this parents.


  1. Beth McCullough says:

    Bryan, do you still have phone # for psychologists in nwa who can help me w my 13 yr old Chinese daughter, adopted when she was 5.5. I spoke to you last March at DR Tammy posts office.PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

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