Let’s Talk Mom Radio Show with Bianca and Philip and Guest Bryan Post

Bryan Post has mostly only two, maybe three things (four at the most) things to say or talk about, but says them very well, often and with inspiring clarity: Parenting, Love, Oxytocin and I love books - (and an occasional "cerveza por favor".)

Lets Talk Radio Show Life, Love & Parenting with Bianca and Philip had Bryan talking about Loving Relationships on their June 14th AM 1490 WGCH Radio Show. Bryan Post, a frequent guest on the Let's Talk Mom Radio Show June 14th discussed Couples Relationships - not parenting but Loving Relationships. You may want to fast forward as he is the second guest on the show that day. Look for the image "On Air" with a date of June 14. http://theletstalkmom.com/the-radio-show/

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