Lessons in Mindfulness for Dummies and Other Parents

Lessons in Mindfulness for Dummies Author Worth Listening To

Because parenting requires no training (not that it shouldn't but that anyone can become a parent as we know), and is likely the most important yet most difficult job on planet earth, the future of the world is at stake. Historically, though there have been many improvements in the quality of life, it appears that parenting, in general, has not benefited as much. We still tend to parent from the same mindset/paradigm that has been used for centuries. Reward and punishment, behavior modification and consequences the most often used tools in our parenting toolbox. We still have prisons, and worse now is that we have a large percentage of children who age out of the foster care system end up in prison.

So one thing leads to another and the stories continue. Either we see the past as the way to a better future (huh?), or we don't see the past, we just see our idea of what the future could be like if our kids just did what they were supposed to. That would mean that adults did what they were supposed to do. Little evidence, in general, that this is happening. So how do we escape the wheel that offers the opportunity to run faster and faster getting nowhere different even quicker? Ahhhhh. Take a breath for starters.

Mindfulness author Shamish Alidina has some words of helpful advice about mindful parenting:

“I think that parenting is the most difficult, stressful, important and probably most fulfilling responsibility in the world. A good parent needs not only to nurture the child with food, shelter and clothing, but to develop the child's mind too. Your behavior as a parent often reflects what your own parents were like even if you want to change and improve upon certain areas. However, parents often end up repeating the cycles in subtle ways, passing on unhelpful behaviors (my emphasis here). Fortunately, mindful parenting can help to break the cycles by being present for your children.

How can mindfulness help with parenting? Mindful parents are aware and awake to their actions and the actions of their children. This is very important in bringing up a child. Children need attention (don't we all?). For children, attention is like love. If they don't receive sufficient attention, they misbehave until they get that attention - even being told off is preferable to being ignored”. – Shamish Alidina, Mindfulness for Dummies

You have permission to copy this and circulate to as many people as you think can benefit. Help to bring peace on earth and good parenting to all children.

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