How to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season – Part 1 Prologue

Note: This is a yearly re-broadcast to help parents prepare for, and have a more peaceful holiday season, we will be presenting the entire contents of my e-Book How to Turn Holiday Stress into Peaceful Family Time.On Sale 30% Off for the Holidays.

Don’t let the Holidays sneak up on you—they come every year around the same time. Many of our children have great difficulty staying regulated during this time—as do their parents. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Don’t let your frustration, fear or anger ruin the season. Use the Stress Model to help bring calm and peace on earth and goodwill toward all— especially children and parents!


Gobble, gobble, gobble... Do you hear the sounds of the holidays? Sound familiar? The holiday season is on its way. It’s turkey time. It’s Santa time. For some, it’s the most stressful time of the year. How can the stressful holidays be turned into peaceful family time together? Seem impossible? Hello. I am Bryan Post. Welcome to my program on ways to create the kind of holiday season you deserve. The six-letter word that usually comes to mind when you think about the holidays is S-T-R-E-S-S.

Yes....stress and more stress. The closer we approach the holiday season, the more it seems to intensify. Right? What comes to mind when you start thinking about the holiday season? Seasonal madness. People driving back and forth to shop for Walmart specials and ‘limited time’ items. Text messages and phone calls announce additional tasks for your to-do list. Family visitors will soon arrive to juggle for limited space. More mouths to feed. Decorating jobs. The kids and pets running around like crazy. And then there’s cleaning. Yes, lots of cleaning.

Shopping is shear madness hysteria when there are ‘must get’ items to find. Meanwhile, holiday music in stores cheerfully remind us that everyone else seems to be enjoying the season. Why aren’t you? Have we forgotten something? The plays. Extra rehearsals. Kids need costumes. How many of us learn that a particular costume is needed the night before the big performance? (The kind that should be so easy to make...if you were into making things!) Any other school-related stressors? Testing. The last week in school before winter break means finishing projects, performing plays, giving gifts and taking tests. After that, students are released to parents for the LONG holiday season!

They are looking forward to Party Central for the rest of the holidays. They’re out of their routine by the time they reach the door. We’re out of OUR routine. Work, work, work, work. Collapse. Up again for more work. Repeat each year. We sometimes feel out of our minds with madness. Once holiday prep time is complete and decorations adorn your home, you sigh in relief...briefly.

If entertaining at home, meal-planning begins and then more shopping. What if you’re not cooking at home? That probably means a long drive to visit relatives. A two-hour drive or longer with squirming kids asking, “Are we there, yet?” Just as stressful, you fly. You drive to the airport two hours early praying no one packed liquids, gels or aerosols over three ounces and that you get through security without delays.

You have permission to copy this and circulate to as many people as you think can be helped Help us to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward all.

Timeless wisdom for preparing yourself and your challenging child for a smooth transition through the Holiday Season. Don’t let your fear of the past haunt you this year. Get Bryan’s 4 Point Plan – Don’t let the holidays just happen!

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