How to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season – Part 4 The Plan

The Four Point Plan

     Note: This is a yearly re-broadcast series to help parents prepare for, and have a more peaceful holiday season, we will be presenting the entire contents of my e-Book How to Turn Holiday Stress into Peaceful Family Time – On Sale for the Holidays between now and Christmas.
     Don’t let the Holidays sneak up on you—they come every year around the same time. Many of our children have great difficulty staying regulated during this time—as do their parents. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Don’t let your frustration, fear or anger ruin the season. Use the Stress Model to help bring calm and peace on earth and goodwill toward all— especially children and parents!

I especially want you to think about those two years because you and your child are now conditioned to do the exact same thing over again and again in the future. When children start thinking about their holiday seasons, they go right back to their cellular memory system. They start thinking about the same things they did their previous years. They are not thinking about the problems they had. Remember that stress causes confused and distorted thinking and suppresses the short-term memory. So in the midst of stress, they’re not thinking about what’s coming up Thanksgiving this year. They’re thinking about last year. They’re not thinking about the getting yelled at or being sent into their room for a period of time or being put outside. They’re not thinking about those things. They’re thinking about the excitement. You’re not thinking about those things either. If you had, you would have made sure you took special steps to prevent those things from happening again. But we don’t and they don’t.

That’s why this year is going to be different. This year you have the Post Stress Model to show you how to make changes for a different outcome. The stress model says that, “All behavior arises from a state of stress.” What that means is that when your child was running through your mother’s house and knocked over a family heirloom last year...and it shattered to the floor right in the middle of everyone laughing and talking...and then suddenly everything went silent and everyone looked at your child...and then they looked at you... that behavior arose from a state of stress.

Between behavior and stress is the presence of a primary emotion, love or fear. Love and fear are our only two primary emotions. Love and fear are the only two emotions you need worry about and concern yourself with during this holiday season. There is either love or there is fear...and we know what that fear is like. What we want to do during this program is create a foundation for understanding your child’s stress and their fear so you can own that fear. You can honor that fear. You can validate that fear. You can understand it and then take the steps necessary to help your child manage their own stress, their own window of tolerance. I will talk about their window of tolerance and handling their own stress in a more effective way so that it then correlates to a more successful holiday experience.

You have permission to copy this and circulate to as many people as you think can be helped Help us to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward all.Timeless wisdom for preparing yourself and your challenging child for a smooth transition through the Holiday Season. Don’t let your fear of the past haunt you this year. Get Bryan’s 4 Point Plan – Don’t let the holidays just happen!


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