Foster/Adopt Trainings in Gilbert and Mesa Arizona using The Great Behavior Breakdown Training materials by Bryan Post and Helene Timpone

Parenting Foster and Adoptive Kids Advanced Training

Are You in the Phoenix AZ area? Do you know of anyone who is and is a Foster/Adopt parent or professional? Are you currently a foster or adoptive parent?  Did you think that parenting could be this hard?  Does your adopted or foster child have behaviors that scare you?

It is not uncommon for parents with wonderful intentions to begin fostering or to adopt a child and later, when severe behaviors start to arise, start to wonder if it was the right thing to do or if there is something wrong with them as a parent.

How does trauma effect children?

Children who have experienced trauma in their lives due to abuse, neglect, medical problems, or any number of traumatic experiences, often interpret their world differently than children who had their needs met in a loving and consistent way during their first few years of life.  Research in the field of neuroscience within child development  is now changing the world’s understanding about infant development, mental health, attachment and treatment for children with trauma histories.

Each child in the foster care system has a trauma history (even if the only known trauma is the separation or loss of the biological mother or family).  Traumatic experiences, including neglect, can have a tremendous effect on the child’s ability to trust others and thus establish and maintain close, healthy relationships.  The way the child’s brain becomes wired often makes his nervous system hyper-sensitive to his surroundings and thus react out of fear-based survival (fight, flight, or freeze) when he interprets the environment as unsafe.

Parenting Foster and Adopted Kids Advanced Training

This parenting class is specifically designed for parents of children who have experienced trauma.  It utilizes information gathered from experts in the field of child development, neuroscience, and attachment.  Materials from this course include The Great Behavior Breakdown® developed by the Post Institute, The Circle of Security®, and from Trauma, Brain, and Relationships DVD.  This class helps foster and adoptive parents learn how to help their children heal from their traumas and become healthy and happy kids.  This class is not a behavior modification class; although it does help change behaviors.  It does not focus on effective punishments, rather  it’s focus is primarily on the parent-child relationship how to shift from fear-based parenting to love-based parenting.

Continuing Education Credits

This class offers 10 continuing education credits for foster parents who need credits renew their license as foster parents.

Class Schedule

If you are interested in attending this 4-week class send us an email through our contact page letting us know of your interest and we will keep you notified as to the dates, times, and location of the next class.  You can also give us a call at 602-492-5055.

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For more information about this parenting class, contact the class facilitator, Shiloh Lundahl, LCSW. (602) 492-5055.

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