Eight Components of a Peaceful Parent/Child Relationship Pt 5: Encouragement

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L: Eight Components of a Peaceful Parent/Child Relationship Component #5. Encouragement is an aspect of our relationship with our children that we simply cannot do enough.

The word comes from French meaning ‘to make or put in’ courage. Courage comes from the Latin root cor which mean heart. The courage to do something is about putting your heart in it. It is easy to encourage our children to be good, or Encouragementbehave or be 'normal'. But do we really encourage them to put their heart in whatever they do – or to encourage them in their interests and special talents, what they love even if it a bit strange or meaningless?

Have you ever had the experience as an adult of wanting to do something new? Maybe you were considering a new job or a major purchase, but were feeling unsure. What did you need? What did you eventually receive?

Ultimately, when life presents us with a challenge, the sheer magnitude of the fear we create can lead us to fall back and not make an effort. For children, this experience happens daily. Simply the effort to work on a homework assignment alone can present an enormous degree of fear for a child.

Imagine the significance of a simple, “You can do it, I have faith in you,” for a child when facing a life obstacle. It is the "I have faith in you" part that is even more important for our kids.

As we encourage our children in daily life experiences we are endowing them with a deep sense of their ability to trust themselves in the endeavors they pursue. As a child growing up I can recall, with the greatest sensation of love and never an ill word spoken towards my endeavors. From seven years of age when I wanted to start a lemonade stand on the corner block, to an adult when I desire to build a fortress for family healing, I received nothing but loving support.

Encouragement is one of the purest blessings we can ever bestow upon our children.

Choose Encouragement,


You have permission to copy this and circulate to as many people as you think can benefit. Help to bring peace on earth and good parenting toward all children.


  1. Carlene D. says:

    I have been waiting for at least a month or two for the 6th, 7th and 8th component of the 8 components of a peaceful parent child relationship

    • Bryan Post says:

      We have had to rebuild this site due to the hack that occurred. I will be sending out the rest of the posting. thanks for letting us know.

  2. Mary & Peter says:

    HELP! – My name is Mary I am adopted mother of a 13 yr ol young male. Our son’s name is Matthew and we adopted him when he was 2yrs 10months. Matthew is a good boy and he is growing nicely, however his behaviour towards myself and his father is becomming more and more of a concern. He is violent and verbally abusvie towards both of us most of the time. Matthew’s behaviour can escalate quickly and far above what is needed for the situation.

    We have just completed the safe base course (you may know of this) However the techniques seem difficult to put in place we need your HELP because our family seem to be falling apart and we need help to save us all. We ahve read your book (Fear to Love) and feel you have an understanding of families like ours and would be able to help us.

    Thanks in advance
    Mary & Peter

    • Bryan Post says:

      You have a great tool with that book. Watch this video From Fear to Love. The Parenting Home Study Course is an excellent “in house” support tool. You are not alone. It is not a matter of technique but of understanding. You will need to keep working on these things until you know what your son is going through. Only then will you be able to respond rather than react out of fear.

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