Eight Components of a Peaceful Parent/Child Relationship Pt 4: Compassion

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L: Eight Components of a Peaceful Parent/Child Relationship Component #4. Compassion is the act of feeling deeply for the life position of another individual.

Life position is defined as the stage of internal growth one has attained through experience. For children, their life position is vastly compromised and so completely dependent upon the responses of the environment.

For example, I took my child to Disney World for a summer vacation. In the flurry and excitement of my own internal frenzy to ensure that she hadCompassion the greatest time possible, I stopped for a moment to reflect upon what I was feeling and what she might be feeling. In an instant, relief flooded my body as I realized how lost she was in the excitement of the experience, and to simply be in the experience from her life position would be an abundant experience. She did not have to do “everything”. All she was to enjoy whatever she was doing, and that might be little, lot or somewhere in between – on her terms, not mine.

I didn’t have to rush all around Disney like a mad man; I could simply allow my child to experience life from her seven-year-old position. I was able to experience deeply a sense of compassion for her youth that I had seldom felt. To this day I continue to reflect on the essence of that moment to allow me to connect to my child on a deep and compassionate level. Being mindful of a child’s point of view, seeing things through the eyes of a child — not yours is is the doorway to compassion.

Choose Compassion,


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