Do Children Manipulate Parents? by Bryan Post

Children Do Not Manipulate Us

Simple Parenting Wisdom By Bryan Post

  •  All negative behavior occurs from an unconscious state. (no conscious manipulation-see Stress Model for greater clarity)
  • We first respond from our unconscious at the body level, BEFORE it is processed in our mind.
  •  This fear reaction then influences our ability to be responsive....Fear sees problems and Love sees solutions.
  • Children who are misbehaving are communicating their stress and seeking external regulation. Fear and survival are most important - manipulation is a concept used by those of us who don't understand this and don't want to take the time to find out what is really going on or needed by the child.
  • When parents are stressed, they are constricted and unable to open up to their child's emotional state.
  • Breathe, pause, love will enter, peace will follow.

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