Bryan Post says don’t medicate problem children…

Yreka, Calif. —

Ph.D social worker, lecturer and author Bryan Post is clear on whether medicating children for behavioral problems is a good idea.

“I would never recommend it for kids,” Post says.

Post adds, and he presents evidence later in the talk, that he would recommend medication for parents.
“I would give Valium to parents,” Post says. “Calm down!”

As part of a three day training seminar in Yreka, attended by social services workers from throughout Siskiyou County, Post spoke on a number of issues including a seminar concluding talk entitled “Exploring the Use of Medication vs. Addressing the Root Causes of Behavior.”

Post stresses that working with difficult children is a matter of dealing with the environment and the relationship between the child and the parents.

Post extensively used an HBO documentary called “Broken Child” to illustrate his points to (Read Full Article)

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."
-- Master Yoda- “The Empire Strikes Back: Episode V” (We apologize for inaccurately portraying the source information. This was kindly corrected by Simon Atwood who's blog It's a Jung World helps to Educate People About Themselves)

Have a Calm and Peaceful Day.  -- David

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