Big Brain Little Brain FREE Webinar with Bryan Post

Because of popular demand, we will be offering Bryan Post’s Webinar - Big Brain, Little Brain for 48 hours for FREE. Programs like this are available free to the Inner Circle Members at anytime, but we are making it available to our entire network of committed parents and professionals at no charge for 48 hours. Description to follow. Catch it before it is closed at before Hurry!

Bruce Perry says that if you work with children you must have a generalist understanding of the brain! In this fast-paced webinar you will not only gain a generalist understanding of the brain but you will walk away with an understanding so simple, yet provocative you may never look at your child or yourself in the same way.

Recognized for his ability to take the complex and make it simple, Bryan Post will walk the audience through his BIG Brain system of interaction and demonstrate how profoundly our most common parenting techniques are literally based in small brain reactions rather than big brain responses. Learn how to use BIG Brain parenting techniques on your small brain child and get immediate results!

Excellent for parents, therapists, social workers, treatment foster parents, regular foster parents, and adoptive parents and professionals. Don’t miss this important webinar presentation by one of the leading child behavior experts in the field today.

Presented by Bryan Post

*This is considered an intermediate level professional training. Suitable for those new to the POST Model or fairly familiar. Please forward to all persons you think might be interested. There are a limited number of lines available so please register today.

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