Attachment Trauma: A Personal Reflection Part 4 “the end” by Bryan Post

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The years passed. Stress continued to increase. One child grew older and excelled in school, sports, and socially. Internally he struggled to live in a world he viewed as overwhelming. To compensate he lied, stole, cheated, manipulated, set fires, killed animals, and occasionally bullied other children. Because he was intelligent many of the adults never had a clue. Living out his fear he made it through year after year.

The other child, well, she struggled both internally and externally. Externally she failed in school, sports, and socially. There were frequent fights at home brought about by parental blueprints for what discipline should be, influenced by a fear of personal responsibility for having a withdrawn and immature child who preferred playing with children far younger than herself. Internally, she just tried to make it through each day. Now obviously, while ridden with anxiety and depression. Unable to focus because every relationship was imprinted to be negative and certainly every relationship did not prove otherwise.

The two parents with hopes of having a family they’d dreamed of, hoping to love, nurture, and influence their two children, ended up feeling insecure, hopeless, overwhelmed, and let down by the task at hand. These children were difficult. At least one of them was anyway and the other had his moments but so much less frequent.

And the family lived for years, each day struggling to be a family. Each day struggling to live in peace, but continually influenced by their early attachment imprints. One child continued to struggle, continued to live out those early blueprints and recurring negative relationships until she died in a tragic automobile accident. The other continues to struggle yet has been able to put life into perspective, not by any personal remarkable efforts, but by having more positive relationships than negative ones. Thereby, he is sharing this article with you.

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