Attachment Disorder: Fact or Fiction? Pt 1 of 2

by Bryan Post

Much like physicians, mental health professionals gather information and symptoms in order to offer accurate diagnoses. The problem is that seeking and identifying only the negative behaviors leaves us with a limited time frame in which to see the child. It’s similar to judging a rotten apple without fully considering the tree it grew on and all the other elements that have gone into its making. The reality is that a child is much more than a psychiatric label and possesses much more than the prevalent negative behaviors.

As we examine the diagnosis Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) the reader must consider a few points interest:

First, individuals are much more than a diagnosis. Research indicates that stress and trauma can be passed down from one generation to the next while having an immediate effect on the DNA of our body. Individuals are more than a simple framework for his or her current lifetime, but rather a woven fabric of many lifetimes.

Second, when we diagnose someone with a disorder the person becomes the diagnosis in the eyes of others. Rather than seeing a child we see a RAD child or we see an ADD child. The true definition of a disorder is a temporary state lacking order. All things in the world are designed to work harmoniously; when someone or something is not working harmoniously then it is in a state of disorder. This is not a permanent state, but a state needing restoration toward order. To be continued....

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