A thoughtful and skeptical review of Bryan Post’s book

"The Difference Between Happiness and Despair"

This reviewer, both an attorney and adopted mom, gave an insightful, critical and skeptical review of her experience with Bryan Post's first popular book co-authored with H. Forbes. Here is a taste of her final conclusion:  ..."So I gave it try. With our own adopted child, we have seen a night-and-day difference in his behavior which I believe directly reflects the efficacy of the book’s general recommendations. I would recommend reading the book in light of your own experience with your children and trying out some of the scenarios. If it works for you, it’s time well spent. For our child, it was the difference between despair and happiness. My child’s unselfconscious smile and laughter are the proof I need that the practicum works".   Read the full review here -  Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control...bookscritics.com.

For more of Bryan Post's groundbreaking radical new understanding of difficult children, read The Great Behavior Breakdown and From Fear to Love: Parenting Difficult Adopted Children and visit www.postinstitute.com,  and www.postinnercircle.com.

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