More funding for child welfare

I recently ran across this news article and thought it was worth posting here.  Bryan Post

Moments ago, the House of Representatives gave final approval to HR 1586, which will provide much needed Medicaid and Title IV-E funding assistance to States. The bill, which passed the Senate last week, includes over $16 billion in aid to the states. The additional resources will help states stave off unwarranted cuts to health and child welfare services and will help them avoid laying off the providers of these services. The legislation provides a much needed 3.2% increase in federal support for the first quarter of FY 2011, and 1.2% increase for the second quarter.


The House began their six-week August recess late last week but after the Senate passed the measure, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she would bring the Members back to take a vote on this legislation. Although Congress is rarely called back into session once they have adjourned for a recess, this aid to states was seen as too critical a matter to put off until Congress resumes in September.

Next Steps:

The bill now has to go to the President for his signature, which is expected shortly. If your Senators and/or Representative voted yes for this important legislation, please take a moment to call and thank them for their diligence in seeing that vulnerable children and families are protected.

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