In Honor of Dr. Karyn Purvis Who Died This Year (April 2016)

Karyn PUrvisDr. Karyn Purvis, a champion for children from hard places died this past year (April 2016). In closing this year, in honor of her, we are offering an audio interview that Bryan Post did with her in 2007 and an article Caught Between the Amygdala and a Hard Place by Karyn Purvis PhD and David Cross PhD.

She was a tireless advocate for children who come from "hard places" as she liked to say, adopted, foster or any child with trauma history. Her caring, gentle and loving approach raised the bar for parenting and care-giving. She is sorely missed by the community of parents, therapists and other professionals who benefited from her work, books, workshops and camps.

Her book, The Connected Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family is highly recommended by Bryan Post.
— David Durovy